Teenager Wins $400,000 For His Brilliant Video Explaining Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

Ryan Chester from North Royalton in Ohio submitted his video for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (BTJC), which offers students aged thirteen to eighteen (13-18) to share their curiosity and interest in math and science with the entire world.

The competition got over 2,000 proposals from 86 different parts of the world. After being pointed down to fifteen (15) qualifiers, Ryan Chester accomplished to wrangle the lead and brilliance. 

Ryan Chester not only wrote the script himself but he also filmed, edited, and created all the visual effects and motion graphics for his video. Generally, he won $400,000, $250,000 of which will add to a scholarship, $50,000 to his best teacher Richard Nestoff and $100,000 for his school to fund a science laboratory. Cool!

I'll let Ryan explain the extremely complicated but fantastic link between the speed of light and time dilation in his great video below, but all I can say is that you're going to feel very, very clever after finishing the video.

A version of this article was first published in November 2015.